Design and Communications- Stage 2 (CVEN20140)

This module represents a comprehensive coverage of communications in engineering. The ‘design’ element of the module, together with the associated ‘design’ exercises focuses primarily on developing techniques of graphical communication. The skills of sketching and model making are introduced and the appropriate use of these throughout the engineering design process is considered. In addition, a significant element of the course focuses on conventional communication techniques. Effective communication is defined and potential barriers and impediments to message delivery are discussed. These are contextualised in detailed instruction relating to oral presentation skills and technical report writing but the basic elements of effective correspondence in terms of electronic communication and business letter writing are also explained. Stakeholder engagement and negotiation skills are an increasingly important element in the delivery of engineering projects and these are covered. Career development in the context of job applications is a feature of the course and lectures on CV preparation and interview skills are provided. The importance of independent research is recognised and instruction in accessing scientific and engineering literature through the extensive range of electronic resources available in UCD is also provided.

Ben Coghlan, Donagh McNamara and Michael John Prendergast received the award for the best design project 2019/20 academic year.

Eva Roche, Jack Cautley, Markus Braksis and Niamh Kavanagh received the award for the best design project in 2020/21 academic year.

Mechanics of Solids- Stage 2 (CVEN20010)

This modules focuses on the interactions between, and response of solid bodies, subjected to externally applied loads. Methods for determining the internal forces in simple structural systems are developed in addition to procedures for quantifying the demand, in terms of induced stresses, on structural materials.

Analysis of Structures 2 (CVEN30170)

This module focuses on understanding the principles of finite element analysis: stiffness matrix method, element stiffness matrices, principle of minimum potential, isoparametric element formulation, force vector assembly, global stiffness matrix assembly, element type selection (2D plane stress, 2D plane strain, 3D solid, 3D shell) and stress recovery from displacements.