Foundation damping for monopile supported offshore wind turbines

A significant challenge to reduce the cost of offshore wind development is the design of efficient and reliable substructures for turbines. We are currently working on numerical modelling of dynamic soil-structure to investigate the soil damping effects for various turbine geometries, seabed conditions, and loading effects in an effort to provide more accurate soil damping values. The objective of this work is to provide more efficient and reliable designs for offshore wind turbines and their substructures which may cause significant cost saving.

Influence of Scour on Dynamics of Offshore Wind Turbines using an Integrated Load Assessment

The development of wind energy has been growing rapidly as it has been proved to be one of the most efficient and reliable sources of renewable energy. Foundation scour is one of the major damages that can occur with monopile-supported OWTs whereby the soil elevation around the foundation reduces over time. Scour has a significant impact on the structural behaviour at the mud-line, which affects the stiffness and strength of OWTs, in turn increasing the risk of structural failure. In this work, we investigate the influence of scour on the dynamic behaviour of monopile-suppoerted OWTs using an integrated load assessment.