SDA-Lab welcomes its new member

SDA-Lab welcomes its new member, Mr. Satish Jawalageri who has just started his PhD with us. Satish has recently finished his MEngSc in Civil Engineering from University College Dublin. He is now a PhD student funded by Irish Research Council […]

A new paper published in “Applied Sciences”

Check out our recent publication, “Identifying Critical Clusters of Traffic-Loading Events in Recurrent Congested Conditions on a Long‐Span Road Bridge” in “Applied Sciences” which is the work of our former PhD student Alexandra Micu. This paper examines the nature of […]

Recent paper published from SDA-Lab

Check out our recent paper published in “Civil Structural Health Monitoring”. This is a work done by our former PhD student Dr. Daniel Martinez during his PhD. It proposes a method for calculation of bridge flexural rigidity using drive-by measurements. […]

A new paper published from SDA-Lab

Please have a look at recent publication from SDA-Lab. It is a collaboration between University College Dublin, Kyoto University and University of Nottingham, and the work of my former PhD student Dr Paul Fitzgerald. This paper investigates a vibration-based bridge scour monitoring method applicable to […]

Special Issue in “sensors”

Prof. Gillich from University of Resita, Prof. Yan from Xi’an Jiaotong University and Dr. Malekjafarian from SDA-Lab are running a special issue in “Sensors” which is an open-access journal with impact factor of 3.03. The title of the Issue is […]